Womens Sondra Open Toe Sandals Laura Biagiotti tbPM6Xm

Womens Sondra Open Toe Sandals Laura Biagiotti tbPM6Xm
Womens Sondra Open Toe Sandals Laura Biagiotti
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Shadedwillow says

I have been taking B12 Injections for 2 yrs. First it started weekly, bi-weekly and then monthly. I am still doing monthly injections. My levels have been slow to rise and have recently plummeted back down from 520 to the 386 within a 6 month period. The number itself is not what concerns me, but the sudden drop. I am being told to take an additional supplement under my tongue. I do not know what the underlying issue may be, nor does my physician give me any underlying conditions. I’m trying not to throw my physician under the bus since she is treating the issue…I would just like to know what the issue may be.

Any suggestions for a sudden drop of B12 like that with monthly shots?

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Linda, Is your doc willing to treat you?

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Linda Krinbill says

Im 65 yrs old and never had my b12 checked. I have suffered for years from almost all the symtoms but just thought they were something else. I do have problems in my back that I know of because of a cat scan I had 3 yrs ago. The past couple of years, I have had a lower back pain and am finding it sometimes very painful to walk. My legs are very weak and the tingle and hurt even the tops of my feet and all the way up the leg. My memory is getting very bad, like how to spell a word or what I got up to do etc. If it hadnt been for a recent health crisis in my daughter, I would have just thought old age! She was losing all strength in her legs and had tests for M.S. She is now in a wheelchair until the damage is repaired from b12 defiency!!! I had my test done and my level is 86!!! This is in Canada.. This is a very serious level, isnt it? Any suggestions or advice??

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Hi all, Im new to the discussion board.

Im 22 year old and I was diagnosed with Vitamin b12 deficiency November last year. my b12 count was 81 and folic acid 2.2. (I was told normal b12 level should be between 500 – 1000 and folic acid 15-20) I was feeling constantly tired and completely out of energy, and was getting pains in my legs also that felt similar to growing pains i got as a child!). Ive been reading through most of the other comments made by others and there symptoms seem much more severe compared to mine. Anyhow the doctor explained that my body wasn’t absorbing the vitamin b12 from the food i was eating. i began receiving the injections, i had 6 injections within the space of 2 weeks and then 1 every month. They did begin to work and i started to feel as though i was gaining a little more energy, I could concentrate more when i was at work etc. but then after having b12 injections it took me ages to switch off on a night and actually go to sleep sometimes i would be up til 2/3am and have to be up for work at 7….so id get up for work feeling exhausted and tired and back to square one. I work with children in a nursery so need all the energy i can get!. i decided against getting the injections, they were just not working out for me, eating a healthy balanced diet and getting a good night sleep seems to be working out just fine for me at the moment. When i told my doctor I did not want to receive the injections anymore he did not seem very happy with me, he was quite insistent that i take the shots and said it would effect me in the long run and made me feel if i didn’t have one then i would become ill. I do have a question.. Does B12 help your immune system and to help fight against infections?? or is it simply just to help b12 get into your body to gain energy. My doctor is very pressuring every time i have went with a problem, he always says the cause of me keep getting virus’s and infections is due to me not getting my b12 injections and i feel pressurised t get the injections. Im only 22 and don’t like the thought of getting injections for the rest of my life it just doesn’t feel natural. within the past 2 month i have suffered with a kidney infection, ear infection, and a throat infection..all needing antibiotics to treat them. is it true that this could be caused by not getting my b12 injections? and do you have any suggestions as to what could be making me more prone to catching bugs and infections? I’m beging to think there may be something up with my immune system and thats its more than just the b12 that my doctor keeps ranting on about.. (I take a small packed lunch to work with me and My mum prepares lovely meals for me for when i return home from work. Ive recently bought some b12 vitamin tablets (my doctor is insistant that they will not work) and starting next week im going to start eating more healthier to try to include all the vitamins i need to help keep me healthy and drink plenty of water) – Hoping to see a change in myself. Thanks for listening Would be gratefull for any advice and help  x

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